Cav injection pump timing

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Cav injection pump timing

This Tech Tip, one in a series we publish, can be used to assist you in timing your Perkins 4. Certain measures need to be taken when removing the fuel injection pump as well installing it.

We stock both new and remanufactured Perkins fuel injection pumps. If you purchase one of our pumps it is timed initially and as long as your engine is on Top Dead Center TDC when you remove your old pump, our new pump is ready to install. This Tech Tip though is for people who sent their pump out for rebuilding locally and the pump rebuilder did not set the pump at TDC. Please note that the Perkins 4. First, before removing the injection pump make sure you can still see the scribe mark that Perkins put on the engine block.

This can be found on the engine block just under the injection pump flange. Having a hard time finding this mark? Locate the other scribe mark on the ear of the injection pump there are three mounting ears; the mark should be on the one facing away from the engine.

cav injection pump timing

If you do not find this scribe mark on the block than make your own using a knife or other sharp object. The two lines or scribe marks should be in line with each other. This will truly save you a huge headache later on when installing the new or remanufactured injection pump.

Next, unbolt the three mounting bolts that hold the pump on to the block. If you're working with the Perkins 4. If you are working with a later Perkins 4. See note below if you have one of the later engines mentioned above. Note: If you're working with one of the above engines; you must remove the inspection cover located on the face of the timing cover. Inside you will find a three bolt hub that connects the injection pump to the drive gear.

You must remove the three bolts before you proceed with the removal. One extra thing: stuff a rag in the cavity between the drive gear and the timing cover. It's easy to drop one of these bolts into the crankcase. Once you have your remanufactured pump from Foley Engines you're ready to install.

Locate the splined input shaft on the replacement pump.

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This splined shaft will have two splines on it which are either siamesed together or in some case one of the splines will be missing. This makes the pump shaft go into the drive hub mounted on the injection pump drive gear one way only. Next, once the pump is in, hand tighten the three bolts that mount the pump to the engine. Here comes the most important part.

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The two scribe marks one on the pump flange, the other on the block have to be lined up to look like one line perfectly in-line with each other. This times the engine. Finally, tighten the three bolts to lock the pump in position.We often get all kinds of calls asking for technical advice, from both owner-operators trying to troubleshoot a problem with their truck to repair shop mechanics who are looking for a second opinion.

cav injection pump timing

With all these calls, we notice when multiple questions pop up, meaning it must be a pretty common question. One of these questions that weve gotten a few times is What is injection timing, and how do I adjust it? If youve found yourself asking that same question, this article has the basics that should hopefully give you the information youre looking for. Looking for more great fuel injector content? We have a free eBook just for you! Injection timing is the timing of when fuel is injected into the cylinder, which alters when the combustion takes place.

The time of when fuel is injected can be altered to be injected at different points in time. The manufacturer of an engine does recommend certain timing, which is the timing they set it at when the engine is first made. This timing is usually balanced to get as much power as possible, while still remaining in legal limits for emissions. Adjusting injection timing is also often referred to as spill timing. Why Adjust Injection Timing? Usually, injection timing is adjusted to create more power in the engine.

Timing can be advanced to create more power. Sometimes timing is adjusted in the opposite direction to fix a smoking or a lag problem. Young or old, timing can be adjusted on any engine. The only difference is how the timing will be adjusted, which is covered later on in this article. Advancing the timing of an engine means that you are moving the combustion up in time.

In other words, you are adjusting the timing so that ignition happens earlier than when the manufacturer originally set it to occur. Top Dead Center, or TDC, for a particular piston is when that piston is at the very top of the cylinder, or furthest from the crankshaft.Fuel injection pump performance is closely tied to engine performance. If your vehicle has a fuel delivery issue, it will literally starve to death. Fuel injection problems, therefore, are one of the most pressing engine issues to deal with.

The fuel is dispersed from the injection pump to the combustion chamber via a fairly simple process. Pressurized fuel enters the fuel injector. When the fuel leaves the fuel injector, a spray tip distributes the fuel as a fine mist. Fast-forward to the present day, and those diesel fuel injector pumps are operating in the 30, to 40, psi range. Top-end engine performance is in many ways dictated by how much fuel can be processed by the engine.

From these two things, a host of problems can surface. A clean diesel fuel pump injector is a happy diesel fuel pump injector. Over time, residue can build up in the fuel system, and enough gunk, grime and grease can clog up the entire fuel injector pump.

If your engine has ever sputtered or hesitated during acceleration, a clogged fuel spray tip might be the glitch. And it all starts with subpar diesel fuel. It all has to do with lubrication. With plenty of diesel fuel in the tank, the fuel pump bearings receive plenty of lubrication.

With a near-empty tank, the fuel system is suddenly pushing air instead of diesel fuel. Anything but diesel fuel can wear out the fuel pump bearings, which means the fuel injectors will not receive the fuel at the pressurized level 30, psi, 40, psi, etc.

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They also deal with a tremendous amount of motion and other stresses. One small visitor inside a piece of dust, debris, etc. Worse yet, a microscopic object can leave the injector open all the time. This is a common diesel fuel injector pump glitch, and usually requires a complete injection pump rebuild or replacement. To get in touch with one of our diesel fuel injection pump specialists, please call us ator check out our contact page for more information.

View all posts by: BuyAutoParts.I need some help, I am mid engine swap on my B with the BD engine. I have the rotary CAV pump. This engine was running when I bought it. I tired to bleed it like that. I think I might have damaged the pump. I have good fuel coming out of both pump bleeders, but nothing at the injectors. This pump was hooked up a bit different on the dozer it came from, the cut off arm was not attached to anything, to stop the engine, you would just push in the throttle to stall it.

I figured that might have something to do with the problem, so I tried disconnecting both my throttle and cut off rods so I could moved the arms on the top to the pump while cranking.

So what's my next step.

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Pull the top off the pump to investigate or cut my losses and swap the working pump from my old engine and fight with timing it correctly?

The fuel cut off may be stuck under the top cover, sometimes a tap with a pocket knife will release it.

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There's a small spring and piston in the regulating valve. If the spring breaks or the piston gets stuck the pump can get stuck in prime mode.

CAV Pump Removal and Timing

Not sure if that's your problem but it's easy to check. Put some ATF in your fuel to lubricate the pump. Clean the pump off with a spray break cleaner and blow off with compressed air so there is no dirt. Remove the treaded in pressure regulator that treads into the pump.

Make sure to set a pan or something to catch anything if it drops. There is a small spring, ball or plungerscreen in there so be very careful when you take it apart so you get it all back in there correct. The screen that's in there gets plugged with varnish from the fuel and won't let enough fuel through it.

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If it has a mechanical lift pump check to see if it's delivering fuel to the inlet line to the pump. I will start with giving it a few love taps to see if it will free up. I watched the Bundy Bears video, looks simple enough to pull the top cover off to check the shut off mechanism.

The CAV's could be tough to bleed. A neighbors little Fiat build allis's lift pump went out. Had a terrible time getting fuel up to the injectors. Finally made the decision to give it a little shot of ether. Just don't do it in combination with glow pugs or pre-heater.

4 Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

I found glow plug bits fused to the piston and the sleeve. X2 on the CAVs being a beyotch to bleed- every time I change the fuel filter on my Fordit a struggle to get it bled out- and there is no hand pump to help.

I followed the tap the pump sequence The cutoff released. Got good fuel at the injectors and got her to fire up in under 5 minutes. Glad it worked and you didn't have to take the top off the pump.

Anyone can confirm the butt end is the inlet? Return is by mounting flange. If hooked up backward, it would not run at all. It's a common are for CAV pumps to leak at throttle and shut-off levers. Hi, if you feel you have the ability, the pump can be resealed without removing from tractor, see youtube video for MF Sometimes we want to know how to time the injection pump of a tractor engine when we have not got a manual to tell us how to do it. The procedure described below is for the 4 cylinder 23C engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35, but the general process is the same for any engine.

The 4 pipes to the injectors want to be upright, but not connected to the injectors. The drive to the pump does not want to be connected so that you can turn it by hand. Then turn the injection pump in the correct direction of rotation until the injector pipes all squirt fuel out in turn.

Then observing number 1 injection pipe the pipe that connects to the cylinder closest to the radiatorturn the injection pump until fuel comes out of number 1 pipe and then just does stop flowing it may take a few revolutions of the pump until you are happy with the position.

This is the spill cut-off point for number 1 cylinder. That point will then be the reference to use for setting the injection timing. Next check that the injection pipes are arranged correctly.

cav injection pump timing

Bear in mind that the direction of rotation of the injection pump, the required firing order 1,3,4,2 and the consequential arrangement of the injection pipes to facilitate this. That when you turn the injection pump by hand that the fuel comes out of the 4 pipes in the order of 1,3,4,2. Then connect the injector pipes and try it. Once it is running!!!!!!!! Hi could you confirm the engine timing on a BD engine please. In my case with the engine at TDC P1 and the pump, idle and crank gears aligned the crank and cam gears markings are just short of alignment by about one tooth although the timing marks are correctly aligned to each other!

I would have expected all gears to be aligned at TDC am I correct? If I am correct it looks like the crank to cam mark is in the wrong position! Mirko, if it still giving black smoke that means somewhere the timing is advance or if u changd the injector that can also cause the problem like this so just check out the timing retard the timing if it will be advance if still gives black smoke that means smwhere the spray angle may be disturb bcz of changing nozzle sitting sleeve….

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We removed the injector pump but could NOT get the little pin loose to go into the hole. My pin is plastic and I suspect the pin has been broken off inside. So we rotated the pump so that the keyway is straight up on top. Inside the pump we see it aligned with the "G" mark. Now looking at this I wonder how anyone could ever get the pump out of time no matter where the engine is at when it's removed. So long as the engine is never rotated with the pump off and the keyway is aligned to reinstall the pump.

I am told the engine rotates 2 times when the pump turns one revolution. Is this correct? We are about to reinstall the pump and I am wondering if timing will be an issue. The pump has an alignment mark for the timing cover and you have to align the keyway to insert it. One pump guy tells me that it's almost impossible to screw up the timing on this engine with the CAV pump. I do not understand the significance of the pin or why it matters. You are able to rotate the pump slightly on the mounting bolts.

The idea of the timing pin was an advanced idea by the CDC engine designers to assist doing this type of job. The pin would lock the engine at TDC, the pump would be fitted with it's timing marks aligned, also locked in place.The Classic Machinery Network Skip to content.

Home Search New posts Unread posts. Quick links. Timing CAV. DPA Pumps Talk about technical issues here. Questions and answers! These pumps are driven by a quill shaft with a master spline so its difficult to get it wrong. The master spline always lines up with the delivery valve which is receiving the injection and there is a scribe mark on the seal housing indicating the point of injection for No. These then coincide with the master spline location.

cav injection pump timing

Looking from the drive end of the pump you'll find the mark at 10 to the hour on 4 cyl. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Re: Timing CAV. What would be the result if the pump was not set correctly - ie: would it run rough, not work or perhaps ruin vital components internally within the pump?

The pump was swapped out for what I was told was the original, which I had overhauled. Unfortunately there was no timing mark scribed on the engine, and it has never run really well since I changed the pump. I followed these instructions with one small wrinkle and it now runs perfectly.

The small wrinkle is that I was not able to find the specification for timing advance, but I do happen to have a second identical tractor that runs very well. So I set the good running tractor to TDC using the pin in the flywheel and took a look at the pump timing marks.

The C or G mark depending on whether you landed on number one or three at TDC - it doesn't matter as they are exactly degrees apart was 5 mm below the flat circlip at TDC. I put that tractor back together and set the problem tractor the same - 5mm below the mark. It now runs like a champ! I am at the end of the adjustment range, but no matter - it runs great. After more than a year of poor running, despite a rebuilt pump and four rebuilt injectors, my problem is fixed!

Thanks for the explanation of the timing technique - it showed me what I need to modify the technique to solve my problem. I have tried it on both tractors and it retards the timing the timing so much that they barely run.


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